Is it safe to cycle in Moscow?

Over the last years the cycling infrastructure has improved a lot and many kilometers of bike lanes and traffic-free zones were created. Moreover, in Moscow it is allowed to cycle on sidewalks and embankments. Our routes have been created with safety in mind and we avoid car roads and congested areas.

Where do the tours start and end?

All tours depart from and return to our shop at Paytnitskaya street 3/4 building 2, which is a 10 minutes walk from Red Square, the heart of Moscow.

What is your cancellation policy?

Since we don`t require prepayment we don`t have a cancellation policy.

However if you can`t make it to the tour or want to reschedule we kindly ask you to give us at least 24 hours notice before your departure time.

What if it rains?

In case of heavy continuous rains or thunderstorms (both are rare in Moscow) we cancel or reschedule our tours. If it is raining lightly we provide premium quality durable rain-suits and shoe-covers. We do understand that not everyone wants to get wet, so if the weather forecast shows more than 60% chance of rain and if it is raining prior to your tour, call us/WhatsApp at +79169701419 and we will update you on the status of the tour and try to reschedule if possible.

Do I have to book a tour in advance?

Yes, please try to book in advance as space is limited. You can reserve a tour by completing on-line form / by phone or WhatsApp +79169701419 / by email reservations@moscowbiketours.com / through our pages on Facebook or Instagram.

What time should I arrive for the tour? What if I’m late?

Please arrive 10 minutes in advance of your tour departure.
Tours start promptly at the time stated. We cannot wait for late guests as this affects the experience of other riders. If you are late, please try calling as we may be able to help you catch up to the group.

Can we stop for lunch?

During long bike tours there is a stop for lunch. We eat in one of long-established and popolar among locals chains of cafes, with delicious and inexpensive Russian meals.

For those who comes on short tours there are plenty of places we can recommend you to go after the tour!

Can we take photographs?

Yes, there will be plenty of opportunities during the bike tour to stop and take photographs ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Also our guides will take nice shots during the tour and will send you afterward.

How many people will be on the regular bike tour?

For our regular tours the number varies each day, there is no minimum and in case numbers are really high we will split in various smaller groups.

Why are the routes of the tours different on the weekend?

Since on the weekend the parks and most public places become extremely crowded and congested we lay our route through less known attractions and less visited areas giving the opportunity to visitors to see another “unknown” Moscow.

What type of bicycles do you have?

You can choose between mountain, city or cruiser bikes that in turn differ by type of frames and sizes. Helmet, basket, bottle of water or handlebar bag for small personal items are all included. See our rental page for more details on our bikes.

Can I bring my own bike?

Of course! Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee or repair any bikes on tour that are not our own. If you bring your own bike, please make sure it is in good working order. When booking on-line you can indicate that no rental is required and you’ll receive a discounted rate on the tour.

What if I haven’t ridden a bike in many years?

Most our tours require basic riding ability and fitness and your guide will set a very relaxed pace. Expect to ride for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time between breaks. We make every effort to cater to the slowest rider in the group, but keep in mind that we have to try to keep our schedule on time. We stop regularly for information, bathroom breaks, and photo ops. Also you can come early to practice on our bikes to get comfortable before departure.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

No, it’s not obligatory to wear a helmet in Moscow. However we have helmets in stock that you can use free of charge. You may bring your own if you prefer.

What should I bring?

– Comfortable footwear and bike-friendly clothes.

– In cooler months (spring and autumn) it is advisable to bring warm clothes, gloves, scarf and hat to feel comfortable. Check out our current weather forecast. If it is raining, see policy above. Rain suits and shoe-cover will be available.

– Cash or cards for any meals, goodies or souvenirs you would like to purchase on the way. We may visit galleries, markets, or small shops where you can choose to purchase something.

– Don’t forget your camera!

Can I bring my kids on the tour?

In order to meet the needs of both children and adults, we ask that families with children 10 and under contact us to schedule a private family tour.

If your youngster is experienced on a bike and mature enough to spend the day with a group of adults, we would love to have them along.  Ultimately, you know your child’s ability the best.

Do you have bicycles for children or child seats?

Yes, we have special child carrier seats suitable for children up to 20 kilograms. We also have bikes for children from 7-8 years old.

Is there a minimum number of riders required for booking?

No, we runs the tours even if one customer shows up. So you can go ahead and book as an individual.

Should I tip my guide?

While not mandatory, tipping is appropriate and our guides certainly appreciate it for a job well done! As in other service-based industries, tipping encourages the outstanding service that our guides continue to provide.

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